European Conference on Spirituality, Ethics 
and Social Work (online) 

28. 1. 2021 
We are pleased to announce that our conference on Spirituality, Ethics and Social Work will be held on February 26. What do you know what matters to me?

I don’t know what to do with my life.
I have no strength.
When I was with my grandmother and she made me an omelette, 
I was happy.  

In many ways situations emerge in our work that raise profound questions about life, that reclaims feeling understood and valued as a person. These windows and small lights indicate that there is something more, illusions or memories of something better and different. Social work responds in its holistic vision not only to biological, psychological and social needs, but also recognizes other dimensions such as cultural and spiritual. Opening a space for dialogue about experiences and proposing some reflections on the connections between social work, spirituality and ethics, is what we as organizers of this day want to propose in a European context. We think that, especially in these shared critical moments, where we most value relationships, encounters, and we suffer added difficulties, it is important to have a break for a moment. Have a break to exchange ideas on a fairly muted, complex, intimate topic. What is spirituality? Outside of a very narrow religious reading, there is a varied, colorful terrain of subjective relationships (cognitive, emotional, intuitive) with something in our life that we perceive and do not know how to express it; with ideas that guide our relationships and perspectives on the world, the others, our values and our senses about what is significant. 

Responding adequately to these expressions and needs of the people with whom we interact, taking care of this human facet in our professional work, is a challenge. Perhaps we do not feel very prepared for this. We invite you to enter into this dialogue. Even if only for one day, to undertake a journey through these lands for the benefit of those who suffer, seek, want to be listened, understood and accompanied. 

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